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Grinder Higher Concepts 4 Part Aluminium Grinder 55mm

Higher Concepts 4 Part Aluminium Grinder 55mm

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Higher Concepts 4 Part Aluminium Grinder 55mm

The Higher Concepts 4 Part Grinder is made from Anodised Aluminium meaning no flaking material and reduced friction; making it durable and feeling like new with every use.

The lid top features a neodymium, magnetic closure to keep your contents secure and a groove for easy handling. The second part holds curved teeth to shred efficiently and better than diamond teeth. The third part contains a fine pollen screen to sift pollen from your ground herbs. Finally, the fourth part has a rounded base chamber to easily collect pollen and easily store your herbs.

Each stage of the grinder was meticulously designed for smooth threading and easy turning.

What's more, with every Higher Concepts we have included a Pollen Scraper to retrieve every bit of ground material. We have also included a Cleaning Brush to clean up after each use, a Glass Filter and a Storage Bag to protect your grinder and make it super easy to travel with.

Finally, this grinder features the Higher Concepts logo laser engraved on the lid. With exceptional strength, perfect design, and unparalleled durability, your Higher Concepts grinder will last a lifetime!

Product Features:

  • Exclusive Higher Concepts Grinder
  • Higher Concepts Laser Engraved Logo 
  • Diameter: 55mm
  • Height: 53mm
  • 4 Parts - Lid, Teeth, Pollen Screen and Chamber
  • Low Friction, Anodised Aluminium
  • Your Higher Concepts Grinder comes with: Pollen Scraper, Cleaning Brush, Glass Filter and a Storage Bag