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Jaxx USA Iceman 20cm

Jaxx USA Iceman Glass Recycler Oil Rig Bong 20cm

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Jaxx USA Iceman Glass Recycler Oil Rig Bong 20cm

The Jaxx USA "Iceman" 20cm Recycler Oil Rig is an ornate piece of glass work, designed to give you the tastiest and flavoursome dabs you can imagine.

It features a helix percolator to cool and filter your hit, and a recycler system that swirls the water around the piece, cooling the hit in multiple sections. When the water has circled round into the top chamber, the Jaxx USA "Iceman" then has a vortex system which swirls the water round, in a pleasing whirlpool, back into the bottom chamber.

The recycler system gives more water contact with your vapour, helping to disperse the heat as well as minimising the the amount of air in the bong. This helps to stop the vapour going stale, bringing out the full potential of your concentrate.

Product Features:

  • Height: 20cm
  • Bold Jaxx Logo
  • Black Accented Glass
  • In Built Percolator
  • Comes with 14mm Female Dome and Nail

Replacement Cone Piece: Any 14mm Female Cone Piece will suit this bong.
Replacement Dome and Nail: Any 14mm Dome and Nail will suit this bong.