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Jaxx USA 7mm The Don 48cm

Jaxx USA The Don Glass Bong with XXL Diffuser 48cm

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Jaxx USA The Don Glass Bong with XXL Diffuser 48cm

"The Don" as it is know, is one of the largest bong in the Jaxx USA collection. It certainly stands out as being a sleek looking and is guaranteed to offer you huge, tasty hits.

It features a stemless system, 18mm removable bowl, XXL Honeycomb diffuser plate, cyclone percolator and ice notches. It is decorated with black accents around the mouthpiece and stemless system, giving it an sleek aesthetic.

The XXL honeycomb percolator helps to divide the smoke stream up, allowing for more surface are to be cooled by the water. The more holes the better, and this JAXX USA bong has loads of them! The cyclone percolator is angled in such a way as to pop the bubbles from the diffuser plate and then force the water into a cyclone, before it drops back into the chamber below.

The ice notches are placed low down the neck of the bong allowing for you to stack up a huge amount of ice. this insures your smoke will be super cooled and super smooth before it reaches your mouth.

The bong comes supplied with an 18mm male glass bowl

Product Details:

  • Size: 48cm
  • Glass Thickness: 7mm
  • Joint Style:18mm Removable Glass Bowl
  • Colour: Glass Black Accents 
  • XXL Honeycomb Diffuser Plate
  • Ice Notches
  • Cyclone Percolator