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Chongz Twisterella Liquid Filled  Percolator Bong 52cm

Chongz Twisterella Liquid Filled Percolator Bong 52cm

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Chongz Twisterella Liquid Filled  Percolator Bong 52cm

This Chongz Glass bong grandiosely stands at 52cm tall from the base; being one of the biggest of its kind available at Glass Bongs Australia. This beast features a Matrix shaped percolator, whereby the holes allow smoke to filter downwards through it giving you a smoother and cooler smoking experience. It will free you from needing to use ice cubes for extra cooling.

We recommend storing the bong in the fridge to cool the liquid for as long as you like but ideally overnight and it will be ready for use. The cooled liquid provides you with a soft, clean and cool hit every time!

Product Features:

  • Height: 52cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Black and Red Accents
  • Liquid Filled
  • Removable Chamber
  • Matrix Percolator