Chongz Ole Tom 24cm

Chongz Ole Tom Diffuser Ice Glass Bong 24cm

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Chongz Ole Tom Diffuser Ice Glass Bong 24cm

The Chongz Ole Tom 24cm Diffuser Ice Bong is a gorgeous little piece of glassware that is packed full of features such as its 5mm thick glass, diffuser stem and more.

The Ole Tom is produced from high quality 5mm thick glass that helps to make the bong very durable. The diffuser stem that helps to increase the filtration of the smoke by creating lots and lots of little bubble which exposes more of the smoke to the water.

The included bowl acts as an ash catcher that helps to prevent ash from entering the main chamber of the bong which in turn helps to give you a tastier hit. At the centre of the bong you will see the ice dimples that allow you to add ice to the bong which massively cools the smoke and makes the whole experience more pleasant.

Product Details:

  • Height: 24cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Matte Grey Accented Glass
  • Ice Notches
  • Matte Grey Ash Catcher
  • Removable Clear 11cm Glass Stem with 14mm Joint

Replacement Stem: Glass Diffusor Downstem 11cm - 14mm Joint
Replacement Cone: All 14mm Cone Pieces fit this bong
Tar Catchers: 
Bing Bong - Glass Bulb Tar Catcher 14mm