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Chongz Lovely Boy Percolator Ice Glass Bong 35cm - White

Chongz Lovely Boy Percolator Ice Glass Bong 35cm - White

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Chongz Lovely Boy Percolator Ice Bong Glass Bong 35cm - White

These super functional bongs from Chongz look the bomb and smoke like a dream!

The 5mm thick glass is high quality, and gives the bong a decent, weighty feel to it. These are the mouthpiece, the bowl, and the percolator itself,

The first piece of cooling and filtering equipment is the 14mm diffuser downstem, which breaks your smoke up into smaller bubbles, allowing the water to cool it even more than usual.

It then travels up to the percolator, where it is broken down even further, allowing for extra cooling, before finally hitting the ice shelf, proven to cool and remove more impurities from smoke than just water alone.
As with all Chongz bongs, the funky Chongz logo is printed on, in this case on the bong's neck.

Each bong has several coloured accents, adding an attractive look, Available in either RAD colours options:  
White Accents - Lovely Boy (CLICK TO VIEW)
Green Accents - Ken Lovejoy (CLICK TO VIEW)
Black Accents - Yeah Yeah Yeah (CLICK TO VIEW)
Amber Accents - No Way J (CLICK TO VIEW)

Chongz have out done themselves again with this gorgeously understated piece which is sure to please and compliment any collection.

Product Details:

  • Size: 35cm 
  • Joint Style:14mm
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm 
  • Ice Notches
  • Percolator