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Chongz Holy Moley Glass Bong 28cm

Chongz Holy Moley Glass Bong 28cm

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Chongz Holy Moley Glass Bong 28cm

The Chongz 'Holey Moley' this one sure is a looker! featuring a whole load of filtration systems, it assured to blow you away with its smoothness.

It features a submerged showerhead percolator, capable of producing hundreds of tiny bubbles that cool and filter your smoke.

The smoke is then sent through the bongs hollow bodied recycler system which features a 'Swiss' style percolator made up of a bunch of holes. These help to 'aerate' the smoke and pop the bubbles from the first percolator, increasing the smokes contact with water.

Product Details:

  • Height: 28cm 
  • Clear Pyrex 5mm Glass with Black Accents
  • Beaker Design with Holes
  • Showerhead Percolators
  • Fixed Stem
  • Removable Clear Glass Cone Piece

Replacement Cone: All 18mm Cone Pieces fit this bong.