Chongz Garrett na Gareth 25cm

Chongz Garrett na Gareth Percolator Bong 25cm

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Chongz Garrett na Gareth Percolator Bong 25cm 

The Chongz 'Garrett na Gareth' 25cm Percolator bong is an interesting waterpipe to say the least. It features 2 honey comb percolators in the lower section, a large 'ballooned' middle section and a smaller dome percolator at the top. It also features a stemless system and removable 14mm bowl.

The large bloated section in the middle helps to add air to the lungful of smoke, making it cooler and smoother to inhale, and the diffuser plates and percolator also help to diffuse and cool the smoke as well.

  • Height: 25cm 
  • Clear Pyrex 5mm Glass with Blue Accents
  • Bent, Thick Bubble Shape
  • Fixed Stem
  • Removable Dome and Nail
  • 2 x Honeycomb Percolators

Replacement Cone: All 14mm Cone Pieces fit this bong.