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Chongz Dr Death A-Punk Glass Bong 20cm  - Blue Accents

Chongz Dr Death A-Punk Glass Bong 20cm - Blue Accents

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Chongz Dr Death A-Punk Glass Bong 20cm

The Chongz Dr Death range is always a crowd favourite. The A-Punk in particular is the smallest from this range at a compact 20cm. This beaker style glass bong looks sleek and sophisticated, and performs amazingly for it's price. It features ice twist notches enabling the user the add ice cubes for cool hits. It also comes with a 11cm glass stem and a 14mm male glass bowl. The bowl and mouthpiece are a glossy magenta colourway. Finally, the A-Punk features the iconic Dr Death by Chongz branding.

Product Features:

  • Height: 20cm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Removable Clear Glass Stem
  • Removable Magenta Glass Cone Piece
  • Ice Notches
  • Magenta Accented Glass
  • Dr Death Logo

Replacement Stem: Glass Diffusor Downstem 11cm - 14mm Joint
Replacement Cone: All 14mm Cone Pieces fit this bong
Tar Catchers: 
Bing Bong - Glass Bulb Tar Catcher 14mm and Bing Bong - Glass Tar Catcher 12cm fit this bong.