Chongz Deepsea 45cm

Chongz Deepsea Double Percolator Glass Ice Bong 45cm

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Chongz Deepsea Double Percolator Glass Ice Bong 45cm

The Chongz Deepsea 45cm Double Percolator Ice Bong is our favourite Chongz bong. It's one of the most feature packed bongs that we sell and is also very affordable.

The Deepsea bong features a very unique downstem. The stem is split into 4 tubes each of which features a diffuser. This maximizes bubble creation and allows for the best filtration possible.

The double percolator system features one spiral percolator and one standard percolator. They help to remove tar as well as cooling the smoke.
Above the percs you will see the ice dimples that allow you to add ice to the bong greatly improving the smoothness of the hits produced. The Chongz Deepsea Bong is made from 7mm thick glass ensuring that it is as durable as possible.

Product Details:

  • Height: 45cm
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Blue Accented Glass
  • 2 x Percolators
  • Ice Notches
  • Removable Blue Percolator Stem
  • Removable Blue Cone Piece

Replacement Stem: You can purchase a replacement Deepsea Diffusor Downstem here. Alternatively, this bong suits any 14cm Stem with a 18mm Joint.
Replacement Cone Piece: 
Any 18mm Cone Piece will suit this Bong.