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Chongz 45cm Vamos 45cm

Chongz Vamos Glass Diffuser Ice Bong 45cm

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Chongz Vamos Glass Diffuser Ice Bong 45cm

The Chongz Vamos 45cm Diffuser Ice Bong not only looks great but is also packed full of features such as its 7mm thick glass construction, diffuser stem and large conical base. The 7mm thick glass that the Vamos is constructed from enables it to be very durable making it great for everyday use.

The diffuser stem creates thousands of tiny bubbles as you pull the smoke through which helps to cool the smoke and to increase the filtration properties of the water.

The large conical base allows for a fairly large water capacity which also aid with the filtration and cooling of the smoke. It also gives the bong a low center of gravity which means the bong is more stable when rested down.The Vamos also features a set of ice dimples which allow the user to add ice to the bong creating a cooler and smoother smoking experience.

Product Features:

  • Height: 45cm
  • Unique Ribbed Design with matching Ribbed Lip
  • Ice Notches
  • Removable 14cm Clear Glass Stem with 14mm Joint
  • Removable 14mm Clear Glass Cone Piece

Replacement Stem: Glass Diffusor Downstem 14cm - 14mm Joint
Replacement Cone Piece:
 Any 14mm Female Cone Piece will suit this bong.