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Chongz 45cm Swiss Tony 45cm

Chongz Swiss Tony Glass Percolator Bong 45cm

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Chongz Swiss Tony Glass Bong 45cm

Here we have a super-sized glass bong from the glass manufacturers Chongz. The Chongz Swiss Tony Glass Bong is a stunning piece of glassware and probably the most individual looking piece that we sell. Not only does it look great but it also provides the user with large, flavoursome hits.

Standing at an immense 45cm tall, this colossal glass bong comes designed with a percolator maze. This perc design forces the smoke to filter through the water and increase in surface area. The result of this action is a smooth and clean hit for the user.

Chongz then complete this colossal glass bong with a female 18mm joint size, male 14mm bowl and finally ice notches for those wanting an extra fresh hit.

Finally, the glass piece is then nicely complemented with black coloured accents on the base and bowl joint.

Product Details:

  • Height: 45cm
  • Thickness: 5mm  
  • Black Accented Glass
  • Unique Swiss Design
  • Built In Curved Stem
  • Removable Black 14mm Male Cone Piece

Replacement Cone: All 14mm Cone Pieces fit this bong.