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Chongz 4 Part Non Stick Grinder Red 63mm

Chongz 4 Part Non Stick Grinder Red 63mm

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Chongz 4 Part Non-Stick Grinder Red 63mm

The Grinder revolution is finely here! The team Chongz have created this game changing Non-Stick Grinder which ensures non of your precious herbs is lost to the greedy mouth that is the grinder! No more frustrating sticking action when grinding your sticky bud!

Grinders can often accumulate herbs and their resins within their casing, making them hard to turn and sometimes leading to loss of product. The Chongz Non-Stick Grinder is galvanised in a non-stick coating meaning this is kept to a minimal.

The grinder features 3 compartments. A grinding compartment, collection chamber and then underneath is a a sift collection tray, where the most potent parts of the herbs are filtered through a screen and then collected.

The grinder comes with its own protective draw string bag.

Product Details:
  • Diameter: 63mm
  • Colour: Red
  • 4 Part Grinder 
  • Magnetised Lid 
  • Smooth Non-Stick Grinding Action
  • Non-Stick Galvanised
  • Diamond Shaped
  • Mesh Screen